Wine-Tasting Series

Complimentary winesJoin us on the first Friday and Saturday of every month, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., to enjoy a complimentary two-ounce sampling of wines or spirits, and meet experts from featured vineyards and spirit purveyors.

The Balcony Lounge
The Balcony Lounge is open to Museum Members beginning at the Friend ($300) level and above. This sophisticated space offers a delicious menu of beverages and light snacks for purchase, along with complimentary reading material and Wi-Fi. For more information, call 212-570-3753.

Monday–Thursday and Sunday: 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 10:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.

Second floor, adjacent to the Great Hall Balcony

To become a Member, or to upgrade your Membership, please call 212-570-3753.

Friday, January 2, and Saturday, January 3: The Perfect Martini
There is much debate over what goes into the perfect martini and how it should be prepared. We'll talk about ingredients, variations, and preparations with our beverage director and spirit purveyors.

Friday, February 6, and Saturday, February 7: The Art of Tequila
First produced in the sixteenth century, this agave beverage, by law, can only be produced in Mexico. It's said that the best way to drink it is simply neat, as natives of Mexico do, without salt or fruit accompaniments. Learn about types of tequila, how it's aged, and where the misconception about the "tequila worm" came from.

Friday, March 6, and Saturday, March 7: Vins Rhône
Situated directly south of Burgundy, the Rhône Valley is a French wine-producing region of remarkable contrast. In the north, some of the world's rarest and longest-lived wines are produced. Meanwhile, in the south, outstanding and hearty everyday red wines are created. Discover the rich history of this region, and learn about its grapes and the great wines made there today.

Friday, April 3, and Saturday, April 4: Dessert Wine
Often considered as simply sweet wines, the world of dessert wine is nuanced and fascinating, offering a wonderful addition to any meal when thoughtfully selected. There are, in fact, five basic kinds of dessert wine: late harvest and ice wines, botrytis wines, vin santo, and fortified wines. Our beverage director will share his tips for selecting the right one when entertaining.

Friday, May 1, and Saturday, May 2: Local Craft Beers
Just over a century ago, New York was considered the hops capital, producing more than anywhere else in the country. The industry was nearly destroyed by both the temperance movement and the institution of Prohibition. However, a brewery boom marked by innovation and quality local ingredients are once again making New York a destination for outstanding craft beer.

Friday, June 5, and Saturday, June 6: Champagne
Known as the wine of celebration, Champagne has launched countless ships and marked special occasions the world over for centuries. Join us to explore how it's made, what makes the Champagne region so special, and to find out just exactly who Dom Pérignon was.