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Endowed Fellowships

The following named fellowships are available to support the advancement of specific fields of study. Please note that all fellowship determinations will be made at the discretion of the Grants Committee.

The Bothmer Fellowship

Awarded to an outstanding graduate student who has been admitted to the doctoral program of a university in the United States and who has submitted an outline of a thesis dealing with either Greek or Roman art. Preference is given to the applicant who, in the opinion of the Grants Committee, will profit most from utilizing the resources of the Department of Greek and Roman Art: its collection, library, photographic and other archives, and the guidance of its curatorial staff.

The Sylvan C. Coleman and Pam Coleman Memorial Fund Fellowship

Awarded to predoctoral- and postdoctoral-level scholars from the United States and abroad for one year's study and research. This fellowship is reserved for talented individuals with promising art-historical projects that will contribute to the field at large.

Chester Dale Fellowships

Intended for individuals whose fields of study are related to the fine arts of the Western world and who are preferably United States citizens under the age of forty. The grants, which typically cover periods from three months to one year, are for research at the Metropolitan Museum.

The Douglass Foundation Fellowship in American Art

This fellowship is awarded in honor of John K. Howat to a promising young scholar for one year's study or research in The American Wing on an aspect of the Museum's collection. Applicants should have been enrolled for at least one year in an advanced degree program in the field of American art or culture.

Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships

Awarded to promising young scholars whose research projects relate to the Museum's collection, as well to distinguished visiting scholars from the United States and abroad who can serve as teachers and advisers and make their expertise available to catalog and refine the collection.

These fellowships are usually awarded for a maximum of one year, most of which should be spent at the Metropolitan Museum. Applicants should have received their doctorate or have completed substantial work toward it. Short-term fellowships for senior scholars are also available.

J. Clawson Mills Scholarships

Awarded for one year's study or research at the Museum or abroad in any branch of the fine arts relating to the Metropolitan Museum's collection. J. Clawson Mills Scholarships are generally reserved for mature scholars of demonstrated ability.

Theodore Rousseau Fellowships

Intended to develop the skills of connoisseurship by supporting firsthand examination of paintings in major European collections rather than library research, Theodore Rousseau Fellowships are awarded for the training of students whose goal is to enter museums as curators of painting. Applicants should have been enrolled for at least one year in an advanced degree program in the field of art history. Short-term fellowships (minimum three months) will be considered, along with twelve-month requests.

The Slifka Foundation Interdisciplinary Fellowship

Awarded to a completed master's- or PhD-level candidate for training in an interdisciplinary approach, joining art historical research with technical investigation of the Museum's Northern Renaissance paintings. Note: The recipient of this fellowship will conduct research with the curator for the collection catalogue of early Netherlandish paintings.

The Hanns Swarzenski and Brigitte Horney Swarzenski Fellowship

Awarded to a promising young scholar for study and research at the Museum. Preference will be given to applicants with a proven interest in museum work or those planning to pursue a museum career in the field of medieval art. Should in any given year the Grants Committee find no suitable candidate for a fellowship in medieval art, the Museum may instead select a suitable candidate in the field of European decorative arts.

Marica and Jan Vilcek Fellowship

Awarded to predoctoral-level scholars from the United States and abroad for one year's study and research. Preference for the Vilcek Fellowship will be given to candidates pursuing doctorate degrees from The Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, but the Museum has the discretion to select other candidates pursuing doctoral degrees if there are more qualified applicants from other institutions.

Polaire Weissman Fund Fellowship

Available to qualified graduate students interested in pursuing an academic or museum career in the history or conservation of dress. The focus of the fellowship must be on either the art historical or conservation aspects of the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection now at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Applicants should have been enrolled for at least one year in an advanced degree program in the field of art, architecture, cultural studies, design, or costume history.

Jane and Morgan Whitney Fellowships

Awarded for study, work, or research to students of the fine arts whose fields are related to the Museum's collection, with preference given to students in the decorative arts who are under forty years of age.