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The Met Cloisters Summer Internship for Undergraduate Students

This nine-week internship is awarded each summer to eight undergraduate students who aspire to a museum career, enjoy working with children, and have an interest in medieval art. Interns join Education at The Met Cloisters—the branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art of medieval Europe—where they receive intensive training about the collection to share with New York City day campers and adult Museum visitors, and where they meet with Museum staff to learn about the many professions that work together to achieve the Museum's mission. Applicants should be responsible and mature individuals who work well both independently and collegially. Experience working with children and experience with public speaking are desirable.

Program Information

June 12–August 11, 2017
Full time: five days, thirty-five hours per week
Compensation: approximately $3,150 ($10.00/hour, less applicable taxes and deductions)

Any matriculated undergraduate student who will not graduate before August 2017 is eligible to apply. First- and second-year undergraduates are given special consideration.

The first three weeks of the program consist of study tours, seminars, and pedagogy workshops that explore the collection and focus on themes that form the day-camp itineraries. Interns learn to engage diverse audiences through practice tours and post-tour discussions, and explore materials and techniques used by medieval artists through hands-on workshops and field trips. Training continues throughout the internship, during which Fridays are mainly spent in seminars, galleries, and behind the scenes with museum professionals from various departments at The Met Fifth Avenue.

For five weeks, interns conduct summer gallery workshops consisting of thematic tours followed by interactive projects with day campers ranging from 4 to 12 years old.

The program culminates with a week of special gallery talks in which each intern presents an hour-long talk on a subject of his or her choosing. Interns develop research and presentation skills through weekly assignments and regular meetings with the internship coordinator, and through rehearsals with fellow interns and staff.

Internships at The Met Cloisters are open to international applicants. Interns are responsible for ensuring that they have valid legal status under applicable U.S. visa regulations while participating in the Museum's program. Although the Museum will act as your host institution, the Museum does not sponsor visas for interns. If you require a visa, you may be eligible to participate in the Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 visa program), by going through an outside agency that has been authorized by the State Department to sponsor a J-1 trainee visa. These sponsors are responsible for supporting and monitoring foreign nationals during their exchange programs in the United States. We recommend that you consult with the U.S. embassy in your home country to determine which visa will allow you to participate in this internship. Please be aware that obtaining a visa is usually a lengthy process and can cost upwards of US$1,500; it must be completed well in advance of the internship start date.

How to Apply

The application deadline is January 29, 2017, at 11:59 pm (ET). We will not accept applications after the deadline.

There is no fee to apply to this internship.

Apply online.

Finalists will be invited to interview at The Met Cloisters in March.

See Frequently Asked Questions.

The Met Cloisters Undergraduate Summer Internship Program is made possible in part by The Winston Foundation, Inc.