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Global Museum Leaders Colloquium

The Global Museum Leaders Colloquium (GMLC) is an invitational program hosted by the Office of the Director at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It provides a unique opportunity for museum leaders from around the world to come together for a sustained exchange of ideas and expertise.

Twelve to fifteen museum leaders are invited each year to participate in the GMLC. The participants spend twelve days based at The Met, taking part in an intensive program of meetings and discussions about museum management and strategy with The Met's senior specialists and administrators.

The GMLC aims to provide a 360-degree view of current museum practices, using The Met's experts and operations as a springboard for discussion. A significant portion of the schedule is reserved for open dialogue among the invited directors, who present case studies on their institutions and meet in small group workshops to explore timely issues confronting museums worldwide.

The GMLC is a laboratory for developing new, practical approaches to common challenges in museum leadership. By providing a forum for open exchange, it fosters collaboration among the participating institutions and countries, giving rise to an influential network of directors who are connected to The Met and to each other as alumni of the Global Museum Leaders Colloquium.

The next GMLC will take place in spring 2018.

Please note that the Global Museum Leaders Colloquium is not a public program and is by invitation only.

Map of participating countries

2016 GMLC Participants

The Global Museum Leaders Colloquium (GMLC) is made possible by Gilbert and Ildiko Butler.
Additional support has been provided by Jan and Marica Vilcek.
The GMLC is also made possible in part by the Terra Foundation for American Art and the Onassis Foundation (USA).

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For inquiries about the GMLC, please email GMLC@metmuseum.org.