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2015 GMLC Program Highlights

The 2015 GMLC took place from April 13 through 23, 2015.

Focus Sessions

Moderated discussions invite the GMLC participants to explore key facets of museum operations:

Architecture and Building Management
The participating directors examine new approaches to museum design, sustainability, security, and building operations.

Curatorial and Exhibition Strategy
Directors and curators discuss new approaches to conceptualizing exhibitions, the strategic mix of exhibitions in museums, and the impact of globalization on curating and acquisitions.

Conservation and Collections Care
A hands-on session with senior conservators and scientific researchers, highlighting advanced conservation methods, emerging technology, and conservation department management.

The Director as Communicator: Harnessing Social Media
An interactive workshop with the Met's Chief Digital Officer examines new channels for communication and audience engagement.

Education and Public Programming
The session explores innovative public programming and educational resources for an increasingly diverse and international museum audience.

Financial Management: Earned Revenue
A working focus session on financial management of museums, focusing in particular on endowment management and earned revenue streams.

Financial Management: Raised Revenue
A conversation with development, membership, and fundraising experts about various approaches to generating support for the Museum.

Psychology of Leadership
A session on understanding the unique challenges of leadership, harnessing personal strengths, managing organizational transitions, and understanding one's individual management style.

Audience Engagement: Communications and Marketing
A conversation on understanding the audience, defining and conveying a museum's identity, and interacting with the world through diverse communications platforms.

Thematic Days

Four days in the 2015 program are comprised of combined sessions on a related theme and focus on pivotal aspects of museum management:

  1. Content: Curatorial and Public Programming
  2. Strategy and Leadership
  3. Audience Engagement
  4. Financial Management and Development

Case Studies

All GMLC participants are invited to present case studies on their institutions, highlighting a specific management challenge they currently face or have recently overcome. Met staff attend these case study sessions and engage in dialogue with the presenting director following each presentation.

Spotlight Discussions

A series of highly focused discussions during the GMLC in which the participating directors engage with Metropolitan Museum executives on managing:

  • Libraries and Publications
  • Open Storage Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Design
  • Retail and Merchandising
  • Education: Special Interest Programming

Site Visits and Special Events

The GMLC participants meet with directors of New York City cultural organizations during their time in the United States. Special evening events take place throughout the duration of the Colloquium.

The museum leader group travels to Washington, DC to visit leading cultural institutions and meet with diplomatic representatives and experts in international and cultural affairs.