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Merchandise and Retail

Since The Metropolitan Museum of Art's founding in 1870, reproductions and publications have been part of its history and educational mission to increase art awareness. The items in our shops are reproductions and adaptations of works of art in the collection of The Met and other museums around the world.

The mission of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store is to connect people to the world of art and to the museum experience. Just as visits to The Met are enjoyable, educational, and inspirational, our products evoke fond memories, invite moments of reflection, and foster day-to-day enjoyment and appreciation of art, artists, and cultures from around the globe and across the centuries. We work closely with art historians and master craftspeople to assure that each reproduction, adaptation, and publication meets the highest standards of design, quality, and value. All purchases—whether through our catalogue, online, or in person—help support the Museum and its programs.