Archival Labels
Bottle, Glass, and Newspaper
Georges Braque
Paris, early 1914
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This label found on the original backing board of Braque's collage Bottle, Glass, and Newspaper (1914) came from O. Beuzebosc, a framing and art supply shop in Braque's hometown of Le Havre that specialized in gilded mirrors. A tourist guidebook for Brittany published in 1890 includes an advertisement for the shop, then operating out of its main address at 85, rue Victor Hugo, with a branch at 200, rue de Normandie. By the time Braque used this oval-shaped paperboard, the shop had relocated its second store to 48, rue Racine.

The son of a decorative house painter, Braque spent most of his childhood in Le Havre, where as a teenager he attended evening classes at the École Municipale des Beaux-Arts. He returned to Le Havre on occasion, notably in 1912 with Picasso, who was inspired to paint the oval-shaped canvas, Souvenir du Havre (1912; private collection; Zervos 1942, vol. 2, pt. 2, no. 367).

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