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Cup, Glasses, and Bottle (Le Journal)
Juan Gris
Paris, 1914
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A collector's label on the back of Gris's collage Cup, Glasses, and Bottle (Le Journal) (1914) reads: Michael Ernest Sadler, University College, Oxford. Sadler (1861–1943), a historian, educationalist, and Master at University College, had a longstanding interest in modern art; his collection included works by Cézanne, Gauguin, and Kandinsky. In 1932, Sadler's short book, Modern Art and Revolution, was published by Virginia and Leonard Woolf's imprint, the Hogarth Press. In it, he argued that the innovations of modernist art, of which he cites Cubism as the most recent manifestation, portended economic and social revolution. The text was based on a lecture he presented at University College, Oxford, on July 31, 1932, to accompany an exhibition of his personal collection at the College's Hall and Library. Some two hundred examples of modern art, ranging from paintings to pottery and textiles, were displayed. Unfortunately, no catalogue was produced.

Sadler continued to collect, and by 1939 had purchased Cup, Glasses, and Bottle (Le Journal) (1914) from the Zwemmer Gallery, London, for sixty-five guineas. Upon Sadler's death on October 14, 1943, the collage was inherited by his son Michael Sadleir, a writer, publisher, and collector. Sadleir soon sold the work to Peter Watson (1908–1956), a prominent figure in the English modernist art world, whose name is written in pencil on this label.

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