Archival Labels
Woman with a Book
Pablo Picasso
Paris, spring 1909
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Perls Galleries, originally located in New York City at 32 East 58 Street, was founded in 1937 by the German brothers Frank Richard Perls (1910–1975) and Klaus G. Perls (1912–2008). Their parents, Hugo and Käte Perls, had owned a gallery in Berlin; after their divorce in 1931, Käte Perls opened an eponymous gallery in Paris.

Perls Galleries, New York, initially sold works by the French modernists Maurice Utrillo (1883–1955) and Raoul Dufy (1877–1953). After the elder brother moved to Los Angeles in 1939, Klaus Perls ran the New York gallery together with his wife Amelia (Dolly) Blumenthal. (They were married in 1940.)  Perls Galleries specialized in African art, French modernism, and work by contemporary American artists, including Alexander Calder (1898–1976).

Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Perls made many gifts to the Metropolitan Museum over the years: African sculpture, ancient Greek and Roman objects, and twentieth-century works, including three Cubist paintings: Braque’s Candlestick and Playing Cards on a Table (1910; 1997.149.12) and Picasso’s Woman in an Armchair (1909–10; 1997.149.7) and Pipe Rack and Still Life on a Table (1911; 1997.149.6). 

The label reproduced here is affixed to the back of Picasso’s Woman with a Book (1909), now in the Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection. It was owned by Perls Galleries from late 1949–May 1951.

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