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Helmets and Body Armor in Modern Warfare
Dean, Bashford
"Hephaistos Goes Home: An Attic Black-figured Column-krater in the Metropolitan Museum": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 45 (2010)
Moore, Mary B.
"Herakles Takes Aim: A Rare Attic Black-Figured Neck-Amphora Attributed to the Princeton Painter": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 48 (2013)
Moore, Mary B.
"The Heraldic Lion in Akan Art: A Study of Motif Assimilation in Southern Ghana": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 16 (1981)
Ross, Doran H.
"A Heraldic Note About the Portrait of Ladislaus, Count of Haag, by Hans Mielich": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 22 (1987)
Nickel, Helmut
Herbs for the Mediaeval Household for Cooking, Healing and Divers Uses
Freeman, Margaret B.
Heritage of Power: Ancient Sculpture from West Mexico, The Andrall E. Pearson Family Collection
Butterwick, Kristi
Heroic Africans: Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures
LaGamma, Alisa
Heroic Armor of the Italian Renaissance: Filippo Negroli and his Contemporaries
Pyhrr, Stuart W., and José-A. Godoy, with essays and a compilation of documents by Silvio Leydi
"The Herzfeld Archive of The Metropolitan Museum of Art": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 11 (1976)
Root, Margaret Cool
High Style: Masterworks from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Reeder, Jan Glier
"Highlights of Chinese Ceramics": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 33, no. 3 (Fall, 1975)
Valenstein, Suzanne G.