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Empires (48)

Africa and Byzantium

Achi, Andrea Myers, with contributions by Moèz Achour, Suzanne Conklin Akbari, Michelle Al-Ferzly, Roger S. Bagnall, Vince L. Bantu, Fathi Bejaoui, Nejib Ben Lazreg, Deniz Beyazit, Elizabeth S. Bolman, Claire Bosc-Tiessé, Stephanie Caruso, Silvia A. Centeno, Kathrin Colburn, Emilia Cortes, Stephen J. Davis, Marie-Laure Derat, Sarah F. Derbew, Eyob Derillo, Helen C. Evans, Mary K. Farag, Ariel J. Fein, Helina Gebremedhen, Jacopo Gnisci, Father Abate Gobena, Pratima Gopalakrishnan, Emmanuel Iduma, Liz James, Hieromonk Justin of Sinai, Jessica L. Lamont, Jacqueline Lombard, Faouzi Mahfoudh, Dorothy Mahon, Tsedaye Makonnen, Annissa Malvoisin, C. Griffith Mann, Irene Soto Marén, Sigrid Mirabaud, Sailakshmi Ramgopal, Naila Razzaq, Giovanni R. Ruffini, Aleksandra Sulikowska-Bełczowska, Thelma K. Thomas, Kristen Windmuller-Luna, Arielle Winnik, and Felege-Selam Yirga.


The Age of Napoleon: Costume from Revolution to Empire, 1789–1815

Le Bourhis, Katell, ed., with essays by Charles Otto Zieseniss, Philippe Séguy, Clare Le Corbeiller, Pierre Arrizoli-Clémental, Jean Coural, Chantal Gastinel-Coural, Raoul Brunon, Colombe Samoyault-Verlet, and Michele Majer


Age of Spirituality: Late Antique and Early Christian Art, Third to Seventh Century

Weitzmann, Kurt, ed.


Age of Transition: Byzantine Culture in the Islamic World

Evans, Helen C., with contributions by Edward Bleiberg, Lisa R. Brody, Steven Fine, Arnold E. Franklin, Alan Gampel, Claus-Peter Haase, Lyle Humphrey, Hieromonk Justin of Sinai, Annie Montgomery Labatt, Lawrence Nees, Robert Schick, and Carol Snow


American Art from American Collections

Biddle, James


"Art Treasures of Turkey": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 26, no. 5 (January, 1968)

Aanavi, Don, Mary Glaze, Ernst J. Grube, Morrison H. Heckscher, Jean Mailey, Jessie McNab, Oscar White Muscarella, Helmut Nickel, Andrew Oliver, Jr., Vera K. Ostoia, James Parker, Anne Poulet, Alexandrine St. Clair, and Emanuel Winternitz


Art and the Empire City: New York, 1825–1861

Voorsanger, Catherine Hoover, and John K. Howat, eds., with essays by Dell Upton, Carrie Rebora Barratt, John K. Howat, Kevin J. Avery, Thayer Tolles, Morrison H. Heckscher, Elliot Bostwick Davis, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Caroline Rennolds Milbank, Amelia Peck, Catherine Hoover Voorsanger, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, and Deborah Dependahl Waters


The Art of Gandhara in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Behrendt, Kurt A.


Art of the Islamic World: A Resource for Educators

Ekhtiar, Maryam D. and Claire Moore, ed.


"The Arts of Byzantium": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 58, no. 4 (Spring, 2001)

Evans, Helen C., Robert Hallman, and Melanie Holcomb


"The Bellangé Album and New Discoveries in French Nineteenth-Century Decorative Arts": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 47 (2012)

Cordier, Sylvain


"The Building of the Vatican: The Papacy and Architecture": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 40, no. 3 (Winter, 1982–1983)

Boorsch, Suzanne