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Patterning (88)

Stuart Davis: American Painter

Sims, Lowery Stokes, with contributions by William C. Agee, Robert Hunter, Lewis Kachur, Diane Kelder, John R. Lane, Lisa J. Servon, and Karen Wilkin


"Studi dal vivo e dal non più vivo: Carpaccio's Passion Paintings with Saint Jacob": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 41 (2006)

Blass-Simmen, Brigit


"The Surviving Oeuvre of Girolamo Zenti": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 7 (1973)

Ripin, Edwin M.


Symbol and Substance in American Indian Art

Mathews, Zena Pearlstone


"Technical Report on the Adeline Harris Sears Autograph Quilt": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 33 (1998)

Phipps, Elena


"Textiles in The Metropolitan Museum of Art": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 53, no. 3 (Winter, 1995–1996)

Adlin, Jane, Kathleen Bickford, Barbara Drake Boehm, Tom Campbell, Joyce Denney, Helen C. Evans, Barbara Brennan Ford, Michael Gunn, Prudence O. Harper, Marsha Hill, Julie Jones, Heidi King, Amelia Peck, Stuart W. Pyhrr, Catharine H. Roehrig, Daniel S. Walker, James C. Y. Watt, Linda Wolk-Simon, and Alice M. Zrebiec


"Treasures from Tell Basta: Goddesses, Officials, and Artists in an International Age": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 47 (2012)

Lilyquist, Christine


"Two Fifteenth-Century Aragonese Retables and Painters of the Calatayud Group": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 15 (1980)

Berg-Sobré, Judith


Two by Two

Martin, Richard, and Harold Koda


Vanities: Art of the Dressing Table
[adapted from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 71, no. 2 (Fall, 2013)]

Adlin, Jane


"The Vermand Treasure: A Testimony to the Presence of the Sarmatians in the Western Roman Empire": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 21 (1986)

Schorsch, Deborah


When Silk Was Gold: Central Asian and Chinese Textiles

Watt, James C. Y., and Anne E. Wardwell, with an essay by Morris Rossabi