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Trade (80)

"Reflections of an Italian Journey on an Early Attic Lekythos?": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 28 (1993)

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"The Reign of Magots and Pagods": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 37 (2002)

Kisluk-Grosheide, Daniëlle


Royal City of Susa: Ancient Near Eastern Treasures in the Louvre

Harper, Prudence O., Joan Aruz, and Françoise Tallon, eds.


Sasanian Stamp Seals in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Brunner, Christopher J.


"A Venetian Vignette One Hundred Years after Marco Polo": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 44 (2009)

Knauer, Elfreide R.


Vermeer and the Delft School

Liedtke, Walter A., Michiel C. Plomp, and Axel Rüger, with contributions by Reinier Baarsen, Marten Jan Bok, Jan Daniël van Dam, James David Draper, Ebeltje Hartkamp-Jonxis, and Kees Kaldenbach


The Wrightsman Collection. Vols. 1 and 2, Furniture, Gilt Bronze and Mounted Porcelain, Carpets

Watson, F. J. B.


The Year One: Art of the Ancient World East and West

Milleker, Elizabeth J., Christopher Lightfoot, Melanie Holcomb, Marsha Hill, Jean Evans, Joan Aruz, Denise Patry Leidy, and Julie Jones