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World (85)

Following the Stars: Images of the Zodiac in Islamic Art

Carboni, Stefano


French Art Deco

Jared Goss


George Grosz in Berlin: The Relentless Eye

Rewald, Sabine, with an essay by Ian Buruma


Gerhard Richter: Painting After All

Wagstaff, Sheena, and Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, with essays by Briony Fer, Hal Foster, Peter Geimer, Brinda Kumar, and André Rottmann


Glass of the Sultans

Carboni, Stefano, and David Whitehouse, with contributions by Robert H. Brill and William Gudenrath


Glitter and Doom: German Portraits from the 1920s

Rewald, Sabine, with essays by Ian Buruma and Matthias Eberle


Greek Art From Prehistoric to Classical: A Resource for Educators

Norris, Michael, Carlos Picón, Joan Mertens, Elizabeth Milleker, Seán Hemingway, and Christopher Lightfoot


Guide to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Beeson, Nora B.


Helmets and Body Armor in Modern Warfare

Dean, Bashford


How to Read Islamic Calligraphy

Ekhtiar, Maryam D.


How to Read Islamic Carpets

Walter B. Denny


"Islamic Art": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 33, no. 1 (Spring, 1975)

Ettinghausen, Richard