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"Two Royal-Name Scarabs of King Amenemhat II from Dahshur": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 39 (2004)

Ben-Tor, Daphna


"Two Unpolychromed Riemenschneiders at The Cloisters": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 10 (1975)

Von Nostitz, Charles E., Jr.


"Two Worlds of Andrew Wyeth: Kuerners and Olsons": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 34, no. 2 (Fall, 1976)

Hoving, Thomas, and Andrew Wyeth


Two by Two

Martin, Richard, and Harold Koda


Ultra-Violet Rays and Their Use in the Examination of Works of Art

Rorimer, James J.


Umberto Boccioni

Coen, Ester


The Unicorn Tapestries

Freeman, Margaret B.


"The Unicorn Tapestries": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 32, no. 1 (1973–1974)

Freeman, Margaret B.


"An Unknown Work by Pierre Puget: The Deydé Funerary Chapel in Montpellier Cathedral": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 29 (1994)

Chevalier, Alain


The Unseen Rembrandt

Ivins, William Mills


"An Unsuspected Bust of Alexander Menshikov": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 35 (2000)

Koeppe, Wolfram, and Marina Nudel


Utamaro: Songs of the Garden

Betchaku, Yaksuko, and Joan B. Mirviss