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Italian Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Allen, Denise, Linda Borsch, James David Draper, Jeffrey Fraiman, and Richard E. Stone, with contributions by Peter Jonathan Bell, Raymond Carlson, Federico Carò, Paola D’Agostino, Alex Foo, Claudia Kryza-Gersch, Fernando Loffredo, and Tommaso Mozzati


"Italienische Skulptur um 1400: Untersuchungen zu den Einflussbereichen": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 7 (1973)

Freytag, Claudia


"J. Pierpont Morgan: Financier and Collector": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 57, no. 3 (Winter, 2000)

Strouse, Jean


"The Jack and Belle Linsky Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Addenda to the Catalogue": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 21 (1986)

Baetjer, Katharine, Guy C. Bauman, James David Draper, Clare Le Corbeiller, James Parker, and Mary Sprinson de Jesús


The Jackson Pollock Sketchbooks in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Baetjer, Katharine, Lisa Mintz Messinger, and Nan Rosenthal


"Jacob Lawrence’s Work Theme, 1945–46": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 57 (2022)

Ittner, Claire


"Jacopo della Nave or Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau?": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 7 (1973)

Byrne, Janet S.


Jacques Louis David: Radical Draftsman

Stein, Perrin, with contributions by Daniella Berman, Philippe Bordes, Mehdi Korchane, Benjamin Peronnet, Louis-Antoine Prat, and Juliette Trey


"James Duncan of Benmore, the First Owner of Renoir's Bay of Naples (Morning)": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 43 (2008)

Watson, Andrew McDonald


The Janice H. Levin Collection of French Art

Shone, Richard


Japanese Art: Selections from the Mary and Jackson Burke Collection

Murase, Miyeko


Japanese Ceramics from the Tanakamaru Collection

Takeshi, Nagatake