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Mertens, Joan R. (25)
"Timeas's Scarab": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 24 (1989)
Mertens, Joan R.
"Ancient Art: Gifts from the Norbert Schimmel Collection": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 49, no. 4 (Spring, 1992)
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Mertens, Joan R.
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Mertens, Joan R.
"An Early Greek Bronze Sphinx Support": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 37 (2002)
Mertens, Joan R.
"Some Long Thoughts on Early Cycladic Sculpture": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 33 (1998)
Mertens, Joan R.
Art of the Classical World in The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Greece, Cyprus, Etruria, Rome
Picón, Carlos A., Joan R. Mertens, Elizabeth J. Milleker, Christopher S. Lightfoot, and Seán Hemingway, with contributions by Richard De Puma
The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vol. 2, Greece and Rome
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, introduction by Joan R. Mertens
How to Read Greek Vases
Mertens, Joan R.
Splendid Legacy: The Havemeyer Collection
Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooney, Gary Tinterow, Susan Alyson Stein, Gretchen Wold, and Julia Meech, with contributions by Maryan W. Ainsworth, Dorothea Arnold, Katherine Baetjer, Janet S. Byrne, Keith Christiansen, Hyung-min Chung, Barbara B. Ford, James H. Frantz, Maxwell K. Hearn, Colta Ives, Marilyn Jenkins, Walter Liedtke, Joan R. Mertens, Helen B. Mules, Morihiro Ogawa, Hiroshi Onishi, Rebecca A. Rabinow, Suzanne G. Valenstein, Clare Vincent, Daniel Walker, James C. Y. Watt, and H. Barbara Weinberg
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Mertens, Joan R.
"A Drawing by Chassériau": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 15 (1980)
Mertens, Joan R.