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Aegean (12)
Age of Spirituality: Late Antique and Early Christian Art, Third to Seventh Century
Weitzmann, Kurt, ed.
"Art of the Aegean Bronze Age": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 69, no. 4 (Spring, 2012)
Hemingway, Séan
Art of the Classical World in The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Greece, Cyprus, Etruria, Rome
Picón, Carlos A., Joan R. Mertens, Elizabeth J. Milleker, Christopher S. Lightfoot, and Seán Hemingway, with contributions by Richard De Puma
Cultures in Contact: From Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean in the Second Millennium B.C.
Aruz, Joan, Sarah B. Graff, and Yelena Rakic, eds.
Glories of the Past: Ancient Art from the Shelby White and Leon Levy Collection
Von Bothmer, Dietrich, ed.
Greek Art of the Aegean Islands
Von Bothmer, Dietrich, and Joan R. Mertens
Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh
Roehrig, Catharine H., ed., with Renée Dreyfus and Cathleen A. Keller
"The Male Figure in Early Cycladic Sculpture": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 15 (1980)
Getz-Preziosi, Pat
"A Pilgrim Flask of Cosmopolitan Style in the Cesnola Collection": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 18 (1983)
Benson, J. L.
"Risk and Repair in Early Cycladic Sculpture": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 16 (1981)
Getz-Preziosi, Pat
"Some Long Thoughts on Early Cycladic Sculpture": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 33 (1998)
Mertens, Joan R.
"Vases with Faces: Isolated Heads in South Italian Vase Painting": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 50 (2015)
Heuer, Keely Elizabeth