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Bracelet (15)
African Ivories
Ezra, Kate
Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom
Oppenheim, Adela, Dorothea Arnold, Dieter Arnold, and Kei Yamamoto
Ancient Egyptian Jewelry: A Picture Book
Lansing, Ambrose
Art of the Dogon: Selections from the Lester Wunderman Collection
Ezra, Kate
"Egyptian Art": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 22, no. 7 (March, 1964)
Fischer, Henry G., Nora E. Scott, and Eric Young
"The Gold Bowl Naming General Djehuty: A Study of Objects and Early Egyptology": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 23 (1988)
Lilyquist, Christine
"A Hellenistic Find in New York": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 11 (1976)
Mertens, Joan R.
"The Iron Age at Dinkha Tepe, Iran": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 9 (1974)
Muscarella, Oscar White
Metropolitan Jewelry
McConnell, Sophie
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 24, no. 9 (May, 1966)
Oliver, Andrew, Jr., and Dietrich von Bothmer
Migration Art, A.D. 300–800
Brown, Katharine Reynolds
Roman Art: A Resource for Educators
Thompson, Nancy L., Felicia Blum, Michael Norris, and Edith Watts