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Classical sculpture (10)
Ancient Art from Cyprus: The Cesnola Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Karageorghis, Vassos, in collaboration with Joan R. Mertens and Marice E. Rose
Greek Art From Prehistoric to Classical: A Resource for Educators
Norris, Michael, Carlos Picón, Joan Mertens, Elizabeth Milleker, Seán Hemingway, and Christopher Lightfoot
Greek Art of the Aegean Islands
Von Bothmer, Dietrich, and Joan R. Mertens
"In the Shadow of Antinous": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 7 (1973)
Frel, Jirí
Light on Stone: Greek and Roman Sculpture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a Photographic Essay
Milleker, Elizabeth J.
Notable Acquisitions, 1982–1983
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, with a foreword by Philippe de Montebello
Pergamon and the Hellenistic Kingdoms of the Ancient World
Picón, Carlos A. and Seán Hemingway
"Portrait Busts of Children in Quattrocento Florence": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 30 (1995)
Coonin, Arnold Victor
Roman Sarcophagi in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
McCann, Anna Marguerite
The Year One: Art of the Ancient World East and West
Milleker, Elizabeth J., Christopher Lightfoot, Melanie Holcomb, Marsha Hill, Jean Evans, Joan Aruz, Denise Patry Leidy, and Julie Jones