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Court objects (17)
Catalogue of European Court Swords and Hunting Swords Including the De Dino, Riggs, and Reubell Collections
Dean, Bashford
Catalogue of European Daggers including the Ellis, De Dino, Riggs and Reubell collections
Dean, Bashford
"A Court Jew's Silver Cup": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 43 (2008)
Mann, Vivian B.
David and Bathsheba: Ten Early Sixteenth-Century Tapestries from the Cluny Museum in Paris
Schrader, J. L.
Divine Pleasures: Painting from India's Rajput Courts—The Kronos Collections
McInerney Terence, with Steven M. Kossak and Navina Najat Haidar
Extravagant Inventions: The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens
Koeppe, Wolfram, with contributions by Reinier Baarsen, Mechthild Baumeister, Daniela Meyer, Hans Michaelsen, Hans-Werner Pape, Tamara Rappe, Bertrand Rondot, Tamara Schechter, Achim Stiegel, and Bernd Willschied
"German Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 47, no. 4 (Spring, 1990)
Le Corbeiller, Clare
Indian Court Painting, 16th–19th Century
Kossak, Steven
Liechtenstein: The Princely Collections
O'Neill, John Philip, ed.
Royal Art of Benin: The Perls Collection
Ezra, Kate
Sultans of Deccan India, 1500–1700: Opulence and Fantasy
Haidar, Navina Najat and Marika Sardar
Sultans of the South: Arts of India's Deccan Courts, 1323–1687
Haidar, Navina Najat, and Marika Sardar, eds.