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Cubism (33)
20th-Century Art: A Resource for Educators
Paul, Stella
Abstract Expressionism and Other Modern Works: The Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tinterow, Gary, Lisa Mintz Messinger, and Nan Rosenthal, eds.
"The Alfred Stieglitz Collection": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 3 (1970)
Hamilton, George Heard
The Annenberg Collection: Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Stein, Susan Alyson, and Asher Ethan Miller, eds., with texts by Colin B. Bailey, Joseph J. Rishel, Mark Rosenthal, and Susan Alyson Stein
Birds of a Feather: Joseph Cornell's Homage to Juan Gris
Mary Clare McKinley
Cézanne to Picasso: Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde
Rabinow, Rebecca A., ed., with Douglas W. Druick, Ann Dumas, Gloria Groom, Anne Roquebert, and Gary Tinterow
Cubism: The Leonard A. Lauder Collection
Braun, Emily and Rebecca Rabinow eds.
Cubism and Fashion
Martin, Richard
The Cubist Epoch
Cooper, Douglas
Hans Hartung: Paintings, 1971–1975
Geldzahler, Henry
Hans Hofmann in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sims, Lowery Stokes
Masterpieces of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Burn, Barbara