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Egyptian Revival (5)
Duncan Phyfe: Master Cabinetmaker in New York
Kenny, Peter M., Michael K. Brown, Frances F. Bretter, and Matthew A. Thurlow
Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed
Koda, Harold
Guide to The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Beeson, Nora B.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vol. 9, The United States of America
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, introduction by Oswaldo Rodriguez Roque
Period Rooms in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Peck, Amelia, James Parker, William Rieder, Olga Raggio, Mary B. Shepard, Annie-Christine Daskalakis Mathews, Daniëlle O. Kisluk-Grosheide, Wolfram Koeppe, Joan R. Mertens, Alfreda Murck, and Wen C. Fong