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Judaism (10)
Age of Transition: Byzantine Culture in the Islamic World
Evans, Helen C., with contributions by Edward Bleiberg, Lisa R. Brody, Steven Fine, Arnold E. Franklin, Alan Gampel, Claus-Peter Haase, Lyle Humphrey, Hieromonk Justin of Sinai, Annie Montgomery Labatt, Lawrence Nees, Robert Schick, and Carol Snow
Byzantium and Islam: Age of Transition
Evans, Helen C., ed., with Brandie Ratliff
The Cloisters Cross: Its Art and Meaning
Parker, Elizabeth C., and Charles T. Little
"A Court Jew's Silver Cup": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 43 (2008)
Mann, Vivian B.
"The Crossbow of Count Ulrich V of Württemberg": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 44 (2009)
Breiding, Dirk H.
How to Read Medieval Art
Stein, Wendy A.
Jerusalem, 1000–1400: Every People Under Heaven
Boehm, Barbara Drake and Melanie Holcomb eds.
Paul Strand circa 1916
Hambourg, Maria Morris
"A Rabbi with Wings: Remarks on Rembrandt's Etching 'Abraham Entertaining the Angels'": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 12 (1977)
Winternitz, Emanuel
"Two Riddles of the Queen of Sheba": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 6 (1972)
Ostoia, Vera K.