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Kamakura period (7)
"Arms and Armor from the Permanent Collection": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 49, no. 1 (Summer, 1991)
Nickel, Helmut
Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156–1868
Ogawa, Morihiro, ed., with contributions by Kazutoshi Harada, Hiroshi Ikeda, Tetsuo Ito, Ayako Kobayashi, Masato Misumi, Takamasa Saito, and Taeko Watanabe
Bridge of Dreams: The Mary Griggs Burke Collection of Japanese Art
Murase, Miyeko
"A Famous Fourteenth-Century Japanese Armor": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 24 (1989)
Ogawa, Morihiro
Japanese Art: Selections from the Mary and Jackson Burke Collection
Murase, Miyeko
Japanese Art from the Gerry Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ford, Barbara Brennan, and Oliver R. Impey
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 25, no. 5 (January, 1967)
Soper, Alexander C., and Edith A. Standen