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Visiting Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty or Van Gogh’s Cypresses?

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Native American (17)

American Painting in the Twentieth Century

Geldzahler, Henry


Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, foreword by Max Hollein


Art of Native America: The Charles and Valerie Diker Collection

Torrence, Gaylord, with contributions by Ned Blackhawk and Sylvia Yount


Art of Oceania, Africa, and the Americas from The Museum of Primitive Art

Goldwater, Robert, Douglas Newton, Julie Jones, and Tamara Northern


Cochineal Red: The Art History of a Color
[adapted from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 67, no. 3 (Winter, 2010)]

Phipps, Elena


Gifts of Art: The Met's 150th Anniversary

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, introduction by Max Hollein


"Gold of the Americas": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 59, no. 4 (Spring, 2002)

Jones, Julie, and Heidi King


"Hearing Witness: The Wičhówoyake of Matȟó Nážiŋ’s Little Bighorn Muslins": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 57 (2022)

Mize, Ramey


"Jean-Jacques-François Le Barbier and Two Revolutions": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 24 (1989)

Standen, Edith A.


Jules Tavernier and the Elem Pomo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v.79, no. 1 (Summer, 2021)

Kornhauser, Elizabeth and Shannon Vittoria, with a preface by Robert Joseph Geary


Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall: An Artist's Country Estate

Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooney, with contributions by Elizabeth Hutchinson, Julia Meech, Jennifer Perry Thalheimer, Barbara Veith, and Richard Guy Wilson


Masterworks from the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation

Dockstader, Frederick J.