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Weaving (40)
Art of the Islamic World: A Resource for Educators
Ekhtiar, Maryam D. and Claire Moore, ed.
Chinese Textiles: An Introduction to the Study of their History, Sources, Technique, Symbolism, and Use
Priest, Alan and Pauline Simmons
Color and Shape in American Indian Art
Mathews, Zena Pearlstone
"Country Children: Some Enfants de Boucher in Gobelins Tapestry": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 29 (1994)
Standen, Edith A.
"Decorative Arts of the Twentieth Century": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 37, no. 3 (Winter, 1979–1980)
Hunter-Stiebel, Penelope
Design in America: The Cranbrook Vision, 1925–1950
Clark, Robert Judson, Andrea P. A. Belloli, with David G. De Long, Martin Eidelberg, J. David Farmer, John Gerard, Neil Harris, Joan Marter, R. Craig Miller, Mary Riordan, Roy Slade, Davira S. Taragin, and Christa C. Mayer Thurman
Early Indonesian Textiles from Three Island Cultures
Holmgren, Robert J., and Anita Spertus
The Essential Art of African Textiles: Design Without End
LaGamma, Alisa, and Christine Giuntini
"A Fourteenth-Century German Tapestry of the Crucifixion": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 16 (1981)
Martin, Rebecca
"The Fragments d'Opéra: A Series of Beauvais Tapestries After Boucher": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 21 (1986)
Standen, Edith A.
Grand Design: Pieter Coecke van Aelst and Renaissance Tapestry
Cleland, Elizabeth A. H. ed., with Maryan W. Ainsworth, Stijn Alsteens, and Nadine M. Orenstein.
Haute Couture
Martin, Richard, and Harold Koda