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Welcome Post

We've heard from many of you that you enjoy this website and find it to be an exciting, in-depth access point into the Museum's collections, exhibitions, programs, and research. But we've also heard that you would appreciate a single page where you can sample what's on at the Museum right now and what our experts are working on behind the scenes.

In Now at the Met, we’ll compile for you the major events of the week and news bulletins, plus articles and multimedia features by and about our curators, scientists, conservators, educators, and others. We might focus on an aspect of an exhibition, a new discovery, an acquisition, or a fresh perspective on a work of art. I plan to contribute from time to time as well.

We hope you enjoy Now at the Met and that it provides an exciting synopsis of what you can do, see, hear to experience the Metropolitan Museum more fully. I invite you to join us here—as well as in our galleries on Fifth Avenue and at The Cloisters—often.

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