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Continuing Developments in Egypt

As the situation unfolds in Egypt, I continue to reflect on my trip there last fall and the extraordinary country that I encountered during my stay. My visit was focused on the Met's archaeological work, and I was particularly struck by the relationship between the collection of the Cairo Museum and the holdings of the Met. Our strong relationship with our colleagues in Egypt has fostered more than a century of collaboration, and thirty years of partage (1906–36) has yielded two deeply connected collections.

Seeing the footage of damaged objects in the Cairo Museum, I had the same response as if those works of art were in our own galleries. I was equally moved by the scenes of Cairo residents linked arm in arm to protect their heritage from looting.

Of course, we will continue to carefully watch the ongoing developments in Tahrir Square. As the waves of violence remain precariously close to the Cairo Museum, we must hope that the sweep of current events will not harm this unique representation of four thousand years of human history.

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