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Sonic Cloisters: Jlin


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Sonic Cloisters, a series of site-specific electronic music performances, launches this spring and features renowned and emerging electronic music artists recorded in the unique spaces of The Met Cloisters. Created specifically for digital platforms, Sonic Cloisters emphasizes the look, feel, and sound of the Cloisters as the inspiration and starting point for new electronic music. Freed from the confines of the dance floor, these artists interact with the Cloisters’ collection, architecture, and environment to explore new creative territory and compositional approaches.

Sonic Cloisters 02: Jlin
Thursday, July 8, 9 pm
Gallery 1, The Romanesque Hall

Jlin, the recording alias of Jerrilynn Patton, occupies a category of her own. Her debut album, Dark Energy (2015), filled with volatile tracks that seem more concerned with venting frustration, anger, and depression than providing dance floor fodder, made her one of the most acclaimed experimental electronic artists of the 2010s.

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MetLiveArts programming at The Met Cloisters is made possible by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.

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