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Art with a Purpose: The Ancient World

Fee: $45 (includes lunch)

Examine ways purpose and point of view shaped art of the ancient world. Join us for a curatorial talk, an introduction to teaching strategies and Museum resources supporting instruction, as well as opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues. Participants will receive a free copy of The Art of Ancient Egypt: A Resource for Educators, made possible by Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Rose, or Roman Art: A Resource for Educators. Please register online.

Common Core State Standards
Assess how point of view or purpose shapes the content and style of a text.* (*work of art) (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.6)
Analyze how two or more texts* address similar themes or topics in order to build knowledge or to compare the approaches the authors take. (*works of art) (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.9)

National Learning Standards
Era 3: Classical Traditions, Major Religions, and Giant Empires 1000 BCE–300 CE (NSS-WH.5-12.3)
Understanding the Visual Arts in Relation to History and Cultures (NA-VA.9-12.4)
Making Connections Between Visual Arts and Other Disciplines (NA-VA.K-12.6)

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