Digital Reconstruction of the Northwest Palace, Nimrud, Assyria

This video reconstructs the Nortwest Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud (near modern Mosul in northern Iraq) as it would have appeared during his reign in the ninth century B.C. The video moves from the outer courtyards of the palace into the throne room and beyond into more private spaces, perhaps used for rituals. The video also shows the original location and painted colors of the relief depicting the winged, eagle-headed figure included in the exhibition Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age (on view September 22, 2014–January 4, 2015).

Archaeological Data and Interpretation
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Williams College Museum of Art
Elizabeth Hendrix, PhD, MIT
David Kertai, PhD, University College, London
Julian Reade, PhD, London
Donald H. Sanders, PhD, Learning Sites, Inc.
Alison Snyder, RA, University of Oregon
Richard P. Sobolewski, RA, Warsaw, Poland

Modeling, Rendering, and Animation
Learning Sites, Inc.
Geoff Kornfeld, Lead Visual Artist

Additional Modeling and Texturing
John Anderson
Richard C. Morse
Eben Gay
Leonardo Quiles
Dorian H. Sanders
Andrea Thurber

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