Interviews with Jacqueline de Ribes: Videofashion News, 1985–1991

Interviews with designer Jacqueline de Ribes. Produced in association with the exhibition Jacqueline de Ribes: The Art of Style at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, on view November 19, 2015–February 21, 2016.

Jacqueline de Ribes: The world of beauty, I really have been brought up into it. In this, I think, I was very lucky.

I was six when my grandmother, at that time, used to have her fittings at home. I was always making a point to be there. I was always fascinated by technique of couture, how pins were put around your body, and how things fall, and why a fitter was going to do this and that more than something else. This has always fascinated me.

I think there's a return to a sense of quality: you want to dress well, you want to wear something of quality.

The feeling is lots of pants for the evening, and casual evening, and some long skirts that are taking the place of pants. And I think that for the daytime, we're still going to be faithful to the short length.

You have two ambiance: the floating one, the petal ambiance, everything is floating around the woman; and the other side is very geometric and very constructed.

The mood is feminine, sexy, and at the same time, for the day it's loose and comfortable, and as soon as we get to the cocktail hour, then you are very, very sexy.

You have smaller shoulders, you have much shorter skirts, and you have a looser look to everything. Everything has to float or be terribly tight, which is fun, because you have the tight, the sexy, and the floating.

Producer: Christopher Noey
Editor: Dia Felix
Consultant: Patricia Canino
Video footage courtesy of Videofashion News

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