The Handwriting of Artists and the Dating of Their Drawings: The Case of Parmigianino

In conjunction with An Italian Journey: Drawings from the Tobey Collection, from Correggio to Tiepolo, Professor David Ekserdjian talks about tracking the master Renaissance draftsman, Parmigianino, through the phases of his artistic career. Throughout history, it has been held that one artist's work can be distinguished from another's by "artist's handwriting"—that is, his distinctive way of drawing. Ekserdjian is also concerned with the way Parmigianino formed his letters—in fact, the artist employed three very different writing styles at different stages in his career. The professor contextualizes Parmigianino's work, talks about the ideas contained in his writings, and traces his evolution as an artist, all by following the footprints in his handwriting.

David Ekserdjian, professor, Department of the History of Art and Film, University of Leicester.

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