Masterpieces of the Italian Trecento - The Philippe de Montebello Years - A Scholars' Day Workshop

The acquisition of works of art is central to the Metropolitan Museum's mission, and was a hallmark of Philippe de Montebello's tenure as director. In conjunction with the exhibition The Philippe de Montebello Years, this series of lectures and panel discussions celebrates the impressive additions to the Museum collections made under Mr. de Montebello's esteemed directorship.

Curator Keith Christiansen speaks about two transformative masterpieces of the Italian Trecento, Duccio's Madonna and Child, and Pietro Lorenzetti's The Crucifixion, and about the importance of building up the complete history of Italian painting at the Metropolitan Museum.

Keith Christiansen, Jayne Wrightsman Curator, Department of European Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; introduced by Philippe de Montebello, Director Emeritus

Organized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Center for the History of Collecting in America at The Frick Collection

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