Looking Widely, Looking Closely—Kalila Two Ways: East and West

Historians of Islamic Art Third Biennial Symposium: Looking Widely, Looking Closely

Recorded October 18–20, 2012

Part Twelve of Twenty-Six

Amanda Luyster and Mika Natif examine two illustrated manuscripts of the famous animal fables known as Kalila and Dimna: one, translated into Latin, was produced in fourteenth-century France; the other was rendered in Persian and illustrated at the Mughal court in the late sixteenthcentury, Lahore. This unlikely pairing of two royal commissions reveals interesting features regarding the conceptualization of identities at the different courts and may offer rich insight into various portrayals of dynastic authority and self-representation.

Part I: West
Amanda Luyster, College of the Holy Cross

Part II: East
Mika Natif, Harvard University Art Museums

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