Journey to Saint James: A Pilgrim's Guide

Journey to Saint James: A Pilgrim's Guide uses words and stories of twelfth-century pilgrims as it follows the pilgrimage road across Europe to the shrine of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and links the Romanesque monuments of northern Spain to the spiritual and emotional experience of the pilgrimage.

Director: Jerrilynn Dodds

Producer: Christopher Noey

Camera: Richard Rodgers

Editor: Sara Fishko

Narrators: Roger Babb, Beatrice Roth

Writer: Jerrilynn Dodds

Steadicam Operator: Sergei Franklin

Executive Producer: Kent Lydecker

Researchers: Amanda Badgett, Anne-Marie Bouché, Diana Bush, Sigrid Goldiner

© 1993 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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