Palm Sunday Procession, Chartres, ca. 1190: Opening Remarks

Filmed at The Met Cloisters in 2015, this performance is a scholarly reconstruction of a 12th-century Palm Sunday procession from Chartres, France. By moving with the performers through several galleries at The Met Cloisters, the 21st-century audience is placed in the role of the late 12th-century faithful of Chartres. Preceding the performance of the procession, Xavier John Seubert, OFM of St. Francis of Assisi Friary, New York City, and St. Bonaventure University, New York, delivered remarks on the historical significance of Palm Sunday.

View the procession performance on MetMedia.

Recorded March 28, 2015

Director: Christopher Noey
Producer: Kate Farrell
Camera: Kelly Richardson, Michael Pruitt-Bruin, Scott Sinkler
Audio Recording: Tom Meyers, Dave Raymond 
Lighting: Ned Hallick
Production Assistants: Lisa Rifkind, Stephanie Wuertz

© 2015 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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