Artists' Perspectives: Ellsworth Kelly on Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert, (born 1817), the Artist's Uncle, by Paul Cézanne

On the occasion of the exhibition Ellsworth Kelly Plant Drawings (on view June 5–September 3, 2012), the artist recorded his thoughts about various works of art in the Met's collection.

Ellsworth Kelly: This painting by Cézanne is an early one, very roughly painted; I like this painting because practically one half of it is white coat, black vest, white coat. And if you take out the head, you have white, black, white, which is a painting that I've done, a large painting. And I like that beard and the moustache. That makes a complete circle. And the way he's designed it is what interests me.

Paul Cézanne (French, Aix-en-Provence 1839–1906 Aix-en-Provence). Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert (born 1817), the Artist's Uncle, 1866. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Wolfe Fund, 1951; acquired from The Museum of Modern Art, Lillie P. Bliss Collection (53.140.1)

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