Early Music Exposed - The Jigge Is Up: Dance in Shakespeare's Time

Featuring the Baroque chamber ensemble Flying Forms and dancers from the New York Historical Dance Company, this concert demonstrates early instruments, music and dance, especially the jig! Enjoy this wonderful and uplifting musical show.

Marc Levine
Violin, Antonio Stradivari
Cremona, Italy 1693

Motomi Igarashi
Viola da Gamba, Unknown maker
London, UK, Mid-17th Century

Tami Morse
Harpsichord, Girolamo Zenti
Rome Italy, 1666

Learn more about the violin played by Marc Levine:

Learn more about the viola da gamba played by Motomi Igarashi:

Learn more about the harpsichord played by Tami Morse:

The New York Historical Dance Company
Director: Dorothy Olsson | Artistic Director: Kaspar Mainz Artistic Director | Dancers: Susan Braisted, Mark DeGarmo, Niel de Marino, Mark Mindek, Patricia Rader, Maris Wolff

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