Alarm Will Sound: I Was Here I Was I

A New Music-Theater Work in Three Acts

A nineteenth-century woman sails down the Nile discovering beauty and brutality in equal measure. Two Nubian brothers drown in the river, setting in motion a chain of events that will see their temple saved from a similar fate millennia later. A contemporary tourist confronts The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing on Fifth Avenue. Generations seek to control memory and secure their place in history.

Inspired in part by the writings of Victorian adventurer Amelia Edwards, I Was Here I Was I is an immersive experience, using spoken text, song, and music.

Commissioned for the Lila Acheson Wallace Galleries of Egyptian Art and The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing.

Recorded June 20, 2014

A Production of Met Museum Presents
General Manager: Limor Tomer
Senior Manager, Production and Programs: Kwabena Slaughter

Director: Andy Biskin
Engineer: Jessica Glass
Camera: Jessica Glass, Thomas Shomaker, Calder Singer, Stephanie Wuertz
Production Assistant: Lisa Rifkind


Kate Soper, Amelia (a traveler)
Matt Marks, the Idle Man (a tourist) 
Michael Harley, the Engineer, the Cook, the Father of the twin Nubian Princes, the Governor 
Courtney Orlando, a Nubian Prince 
Caleb Burhans, a Nubian Prince 


Kate Soper, Composer
Nigel Maister, Director, Librettist, and Staging Director
Alan Pierson, Artistic Director and Conductor
Emily Rebholz, Costume Designer 
Gavin Chuck, Managing Director
Jason Varvaro, Production Manager 
Peter Ferry, Production Assistant
Sarafina Bush, Assistant Costume Designer
Christine M. Rose, Assistant Director

Erin Lesser, flute, piccolo, and bass flute
Christa Robinson, oboe and English horn
Bill Kalinkos, clarinet and bass clarinet
Elisabeth Stimpert, clarinet 
Michael Harley, bassoon
Matt Marks, horn
Jason Price, trumpet
Michael Clayville, trombone
Matt Smallcomb, percussion
Courtney Orlando, violin
Caleb Burhans, violin
Nadia Sirota, viola
Stefan Freund, violoncello
Miles Brown, double bass

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