Rediscovering "The Organ Rehearsal" - Sunday at the Met: Conserving the Paintings Collections

These lectures highlight current and recent Metropolitan Museum of Art painting conservation projects, describing the fascinating work involved in understanding as well as preserving the artwork in the Museum's care. Michael Gallagher, conservator in charge of paintings conservation at the Museum, introduces the lectures.

Isabelle Duvernois, who specializes in modern paintings conservation, speaks about the great work of a lesser known artist: The Organ Rehearsal, by Henry Larolle. After many decades in storage, the expansion of the paintings galleries at the Museum enabled the display of many works that had formerly been kept in storage, and The Organ Rehearsal was the largest new addition. Duvernois worked on conserving the piece, and in the process, making technical discoveries, and rediscovering not only the work itself but the artist, his life, and his oeuvre.

Isabelle Duvernois, assistant conservator, Paintings Conservation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; introduced by Michael Gallagher, Sherman Fairchild Conservator in Charge of Paintings Conservation

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