Structural Conservation: Dürer's Adam and Eve Panels - Sunday the Met: Conserving the Paintings Collections

These lectures highlight current and recent Metropolitan Museum of Art painting conservation projects, describing the fascinating work involved in understanding as well as preserving the artwork in the Museum's care. Michael Gallagher, conservator in charge of paintings conservation at the Museum, introduces the lectures.

Alan Miller, who specializes in structural conservation of panel paintings, speaks about the collaboration between the Prado Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art to conserve Albrecht Dürer's Adam and Eve panels. Supported by the Getty Foundation's Panel Paintings Initiative, a project aimed to develop training opportunities in the structural treatment of panel paintings that involves leading conservators from around the world, the Adam and Eve panel conservation had fantastic results. Miller talks about the fascinating process, the conservators involved, and the importance of the Panel Paintings Initiative's mission.

Alan Miller, assistant conservator, Paintings Conservation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; introduced by Michael Gallagher, Sherman Fairchild Conservator in Charge of Paintings Conservation

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