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Message from the New Director, Thomas P. Campbell - January 2009

The Museum's new Director, Thomas P. Campbell, shares in his passion for The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Exploring the incredible diversity of human creativity throughout the ages, the Director invites visitors to the museum return to favorite works, take part in the Met's stellar educational programing, or explore the unfamiliar on their own. The incredible collections are, above all else, inspiring.

Thomas P. Campbell, Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Thomas Campbell: Welcome to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am Thomas Campbell, the Met's new Director as of January 2009. I'm honored by this appointment, and touched by the heartfelt response I've received from around the world since the announcement was made. And I'm especially honored to take on this challenge after the brilliant tenure of my predecessor, Philippe de Montebello.

I believe that the Metropolitan Museum is the greatest art museum in the world, with its encyclopedic collections; with the finest curatorial, conservation, and education staffs; and with stellar programs in exhibitions and publications. But it is much more than the sum of its parts. It is simply one of the greatest places in the world to find inspiration, to seek the highest forms of human creativity through the ages, to learn about the past, to explore the unfamiliar, to feel part of a greater civilization in all of its diversity. Presenting and preserving the works of art in the Met's vast collections, and making them accessible to all of you, is our mission. I look forward to sharing these artistic riches with you in the years ahead.

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