Romanesque Redivivus: A Full-Scale 3D Computer Reconstruction of the Medieval Cathedral and Town of Santiago de Compostela in 1211

This year marks the holy year of the city Santiago de Compostela, when the Feast Day of Saint James the Greater—July 25—falls on a Sunday. This program revisits the magnificent Romanesque structure with a virtual presentation reconstructing the Romanesque Cathedral, talks, and a musical feast featuring pieces from the famed Codex Calixtinus, performed by the group Lionheart.

In this session of the Metropolitan Museum’s program, the co-authors of The Compostela 1211 Project discuss the history of the Santiago de Compostela, and the significance of the Cathedral and its pilgrims. In Professor John Williams's words, the Cathedral is a "palimpsest," a living record of Europe's cultural heritage. The talks describe the methods behind this monumental reconstruction, and the fascinating research that was involved in the process. Finally, the co-authors present their reconstruction.

The talks are divided into four parts: “Virtual Reconstruction of the Romanesque Cathedral of Compostela,” with Professor Emeritus John Williams; “Reconstructing the Medieval Compostela from Documentary Sources,” with Professor Fernando López Alsina; “Digging in a Medieval Cathedral,” with José Suárez Otero; “Presentation of the Virtual Reconstruction Project of the Cathedral of Compostela,” with Associate Professor John Dagenais, Director of The Compostela 1211 Project

John Williams, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Department of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh, and co-author, The Compostela 1211 Project; Fernando López Alsina, professor, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, and co-author, The Compostela 1211 Project;  José Suárez Otero, S.A. de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo, and co-author, The Compostela 1211 Project; John Dagenais, associate professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Los Angeles, and Director, The Compostela 1211 Project; Introduction by Ignacio Santos Cidrás, Director-Xerente da S.A. de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo

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