MetCollects—Episode 8 / 2014: Helen Evans on Four Byzantine Icons

"How does an icon work?" Curator Helen Evans on four Byzantine icons

Four Icons from a Pair of Doors (Panels), possibly part of a Polyptych: John the Theologian and Prochoros, the Baptism (Epiphany), Harrowing of Hell (Anastasis), and Saint Nicholas. Byzantine, early 15th century. Tempera and gold on wood. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, Mary and Michael Jaharis Gift, 2013 (2013.980a–d)

MetCollects introduces highlights of works of art recently acquired by the Met through gifts and purchases. Discover a new work each month.

Director: Christopher Noey
Producer and Editor: Sarah Cowan
Camera: Sarah Cowan, Kate Farrell, Jessica Glass
Music: Austin Fisher

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