Murder at the Met

What do Madame X, a murder, and a mobile phone have in common? They are all part of Murder at the Met: An American Art Mystery, an interactive mobile detective game created by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Want to put your detective skills to the test? Hightail it to the American Wing and load onto your smartphone or tablet.

Producer: Masha Turchinsky
Video Editors: Corinne Colgan, Sarah Cowan
Text Editor: Annie Dolmatch
Animations: Corinne Colgan
Graphics: Natasha Mileshina

Inspired by the Murder at the Met: An American Art Mystery mobile game concept created by Alice W. Schwarz and co-authored with Katherine Abbey, Department of Education

Murder at the Met: An American Art Mystery is a production of the Digital Media and Education Departments of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in collaboration with Green Door Labs and TourSphere LLC.

© 2012 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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