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Alex Da Corte on As Long as the Sun Lasts

Da Corte shares the inspiration and making of his 2021 Roof Garden Commission, As Long as the Sun Lasts.

Photo of The Met's facade with installation art piece between two columns.

Carol Bove on The séances aren’t helping

Go behind the scenes with the artist who made The Mets 2021 facade commission.

Héctor Zamora on Lattice Detour

Zamora discusses Lattice Detour, his 2020 Rooftop Commission.

Miss Chief Eagle Testickle, Kent Monkman’s Alter Ego

“I wanted a persona to really reflect our point of view at the time that colonial policies were beginning.”
Artist Kent Monkman stands in front of a hall with a colorful painting behind.

Kent Monkman on mistikôsiwak (Wooden Boat People)

Monkman inaugurates The Met’s annual Great Hall Commission with mistikôsiwak (Wooden Boat People).

Kent Monkman Reverses Art History’s Colonial Gaze

The celebrated Cree artist arrives at The Met—along with his gender-bending, time-travelling, shape-shifting alter ego, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle.
A bronze figure sits in the Metropolitan facade

Who are Wangechi Mutu’s NewOnes?

“I’ve chosen to stick with the subject of the female body as a platform for what we feel about ourselves as humans.”

Science Fiction, Migrancy, and Wangechi Mutu’s NewOnes

Mutu muses on her sculptures’ relationship to migrancy and science fiction.

Wangechi Mutu on The NewOnes, will free Us

Mutu inaugurates The Met’s annual facade commission with The NewOnes, will free Us.

How Ragnar Kjartansson Composed Death Is Elsewhere

Kjartansson muses on Death Is Elsewhere’s relationship to Icelandic storytelling traditions.

Oliver Beer’s Vessel Orchestra and the Democracy of Sound

What happens when you listen to things you can normally only see? To find out, Beer turned 32 artworks into a playable instrument.
A blonde-haired man with glasses, dressed in black, stands between two sculptures

Oliver Beer on Vessel Orchestra

Beer discusses the process and inspiration of his sound installation Vessel Orchestra.

The artist Ragnar Kjartansson stands in the Lehman Court at The Met

Ragnar Kjartansson on Death Is Elsewhere

Kjartansson discusses the inspiration and making of Death Is Elsewhere.

Alicja Kwade on ParaPivot

Kwade discusses the miniature solar system she built to make sense of an unfathomable universe.

Huma Bhabha on We Come in Peace

Bhabha discusses her work’s themes of colonialism, war, displacement, and memories of place.

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