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Glazed Ceramic from Europe

Ceramic, Glazed, Europe

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Amphora (jar), ca. 540–530 B.C.; black-figure, Signed by Taleides as potter, attributed to the Taleides Painter, Greek, Attic, Archaic, Terracotta (47.11.5)
Amphoriskos (flask) in the form of a bird-man, late 5th century B.C.; Classical, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (1999.68)
Aquamanile in the Form of a Ram, late 13th–early 14th century, England (probably Scarborough), Glazed earthenware (2007.142)
Arretine cup signed by Tigranes, ca. 25 B.C.–10 A.D.; Augustan, Roman, Terracotta (10.210.37)
Basin with a Horseman Spearing a Serpent, 1390–1400, Spanish (Valencia?), Lustered earthenware (41.100.173)
"Bleu de Deck" bowl, ca. 1870–80, Joseph-Théodore Deck (French, 1823–1891), Glazed earthenware (1993.313)
Bottle (Refredador), first half of 16th century, Spanish (Valencia), Tin-glazed earthenware with luster decoration (94.4.358)
Bowl with arms of the Dazzi family, 1430–60, Spanish; Manises, Valencia, Tin-glazed earthenware (56.171.156)
Bowl with the Arms of Pope Julius II and the Manzoli of Bologna surrounded by putti, cornucopiae, satyrs, dolphins, birds, etc., 1508, Workshop of Giovanni Maria Vasaro (Italian), Maiolica (tin-glazed earthenware) (1975.1.1015)
Bust of Francis I, 1529, Girolamo della Robbia (Italian), Glazed terracotta (41.100.245)
Calyx-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water), ca. 440–430 B.C.; red-figure, Attributed to a painter of the Polygnotos Group, Greek, Attic, Classical, Terracotta (56.171.48)
Centuripe vase, 3rd–2nd century B.C., Greek, Sicilian, Centuripe, Terracotta (53.11.5)
Dish with Pomona, ca. 1600, Manner of Bernard Palissy (French), Lead-glazed earthenware (53.225.60)
Dish, ca. 1870, Joseph-Théodore Deck (French, 1823–1891), Earthenware with underglaze and enamel polychrome decoration ("Persian" faience) (1985.225)
Dovizia, late 15th–early 16th century, Workshop of Giovanni della Robbia (Italian, Florentine), Glazed terracotta (22.16.6)
Ewer and Basin, French, in the manner of Bernard Palissy, after an original pewter set of ca. 1585–90 by François Briot, White earthenware, molded in relief, with colored lead glazes (53.225.29,04.9.20)
Flask with face, ca. 1890, Jean-Joseph Carriès (French, 1855–1894), Glazed stoneware (2013.489)
"Gondola" cup with figure personifying a spring, ca. 1620–25; model, ca. 1600–1610, Probably by Guillaume Dupré (French), Lead-glazed earthenware (53.225.54)
Inkwell, ca. 1900, Maker: Pierre-Adriene Dalpayrat (French) Glazed earthenware, gilt bronze (1999.398.3)
Jardinière, ca. 1893, Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (French); Clément Massier (French), Golfe-Juan, France, Earthenware with metallic glaze (2005.220)
Jug, ca. 220–250, Roman, Terracotta (74.51.383)
Kylix (drinking cup), ca. 480 B.C.; red-figure, Attributed to the Briseis Painter, Greek, Attic, Classical, Terracotta (53.11.4)
Kylix: eye-cup (drinking cup), ca. 530 B.C.; black-figure, Greek, Attic, Archaic, Terracotta (09.221.39)
Lead-glazed terracotta jug, first half of 1st century A.D.; Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian, Roman, Terracotta (43.11.2)
Lekythos (oil flask), ca. 500 B.C.; black-figure, Attributed to the Diosphos Painter, Greek, Attic, Archaic, Terracotta (64.300)
Marbled slip ware bowl, Neronian, mid-1st century A.D., Roman, Terracotta (17.194.852)
Modiolus (drinking cup), ca. 5–40 A.D.; Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian, Roman, Terracotta; Arretine ware (17.194.896)
Monumental vase, 1899–1900, Georges Hoentschel (French, 1855–1915); maker: possibly executed by Èmile Grittel (French, 1870–1953), Glazed stoneware (2007.27)
Nolan neck-amphora (jar), ca. 440–430 B.C.; red-figure, Attributed to the Dwarf Painter, Greek, Attic, Classical, Terracotta (56.171.42)
Panathenaic prize amphora, ca. 530–520 B.C.; Black-figure, Attributed to the Euphiletos Painter, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (14.130.12)
Pharmacy Jar with the Arms of the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, 1425–50, Made in Tuscany, Italy, Earthenware, tin glaze (maiolica) (16.154.5)
Pilgrim flask with stopper, 1581, Antoine Sigalon (French) , Tin-glazed earthenware (41.49.9a,b)
Pilgrim Flask, probably 1556–67, Bernard Palissy (French), Earthenware with colorless and transparent or opaque pigmented green, purple, blue, yellow, red-brown, and black lead glazes (1975.1.1620)
Pitcher, 1879–82, Christopher Dresser (British), Earthenware (1988.423.1)
Plate, ca. 1877, English, Earthenware (1991.110.3)
Plate, mid-2nd century A.D.; Mid-Imperial
Signed by Sabinianus, Roman, Terracotta; East Gaulish terra sigillata ware (17.194.867)
Platter, last quarter of 16th century, School of Bernard Palissy (French), Made in France, Lead-glazed earthenware (53.225.52)
Saint-Porchaire ewer, ca. 1530–50, French, White earthenware with inlaid clay decoration under a lead glaze (17.190.1740)
Scyphos (drinking cup), 15 B.C.–60 A.D., Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian, Signed by Perennius Tigranus, as owner, Roman, Terracotta; Arretine ware (17.194.894)
Square vase, ca. 1889, Ernest Chaplet (French, 1835–1909), Porcelain (2013.477)
Tall vase with four handles, ca. 1893–94, Auguste Delaherche (French, 1857–1940), Stoneware (2013.485)
Tazza with cover, ca. 1550–55, with later restorations, French, Saint-Porchaire or Paris, Lead-glazed earthenware inlaid with slip, with molded ornament, with 20th century unpainted foot (17.190.1745a,b)
Terracotta lekythos (oil flask), ca. 420 B.C.; red-figure and white-ground, Attributed to the Eretria Painter, Greek, Attic, Classical, Terracotta (31.11.13)
Tray, dated 1784, Italian (Pesaro); Made at the Casali and Galigari Factory (59.208.26)
Vase soliflore, ca. 1889–94, Jean-Joseph Carriès (French, 1855–1894), Glazed stoneware (2006.83)
Vase with four green handles, ca. 1899, Auguste Delaherche (French, 1857–1940), Stoneware (2013.487)
Vase, 1883, Edward Lycett (American), Porcelain, overglaze enamel decoration and gilding (L.1991.74.1)
Vase, 1921, T.A.C. (Theodoor Christiaan Adriaan) Colenbrander (Dutch, 1841–1930); manufactured by Plateelbakkerij Ram (Dutch, 1921–35), Arnhem, The Netherlands, Glazed earthenware (2010.346)
Vase, ca. 1885, Maker: Olivier de Sorra; Factory: Pierrefonds, French (Pierrefonds), Stoneware (1991.390.1)
Vase, ca. 1899, Designer: Max Läuger (German); Factory: Kandern Tonwerke, German (Baden), Earthenware (1991.182.1)
Water jar with spout (vase à bec), 1550–1600, French; Saintes, Lead-glazed earthenware (1993.25)
Wave bowl, ca. 1880, Design attributed to Christopher Dresser (British, 1834–1904); manufactured by Linthorpe Pottery Works, Glazed earthenware (2001.549)