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Early Byzantine Period

Byzantine Art, Early Byzantine Period

Works of Art (10)

Portrait Bust of a Woman with a Scroll, late 4th–early 5th century, Early Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire), Marble (66.25)
Steelyard Weight with a Bust of a Byzantine Princess, 400–450, Early Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire), Copper alloy, lead (1980.416ab)
Attarouthi Treasure, 500–650, Byzantine; From Attarouthi, Syria, Silver and silver with gilding (1986.3.1-15)
Fragment of a Floor Mosaic with a Personification of Ktisis, 500–550, Byzantine, Marble and glass (1998.69, 1999.99)
Girdle with Coins and Medallions, ca. 583, Byzantine; Found in 1902 at Karavás, Cyprus (reassembled after discovery), Gold (17.190.147,1991.136)
Pectoral Cross, 6th–7th century, Byzantine (Constantinople?), Gold (2006.569)
Pectoral with Coins and Pseudo-Medallion, ca. 539–550, Byzantine; Said to have been found in Egypt, Gold with niello (17.190.1664)
Pyx Depicting Women at the Tomb of Christ, 500s, Byzantine; Made in the eastern Mediterranean, Ivory (17.190.57)
Silver Plate with David and Goliath, 629–630, Byzantine; Made in Constantinople, Silver (17.190.396)
Two Panels of an Ivory Diptych Announcing the Consulship of Justinian, 521, Byzantine; Made in Constantinople, Ivory (17.190.52, 53)